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As sole UK Distributor for Torrans Manufacturing Co and the only Retailer outside the USA, here at Swing O Ramic we are proud to present the mid-century ‘All American Lawn Chair’. With it’s humble beginnings being conceived in the late 1930’s, its heyday came with a fresh revitalised boom economy post war and the fabulous 1950’s cementing it’s status as an iconic American tradition.

Over the course of the decades, metal lawn furniture has been affectionately know by many derivatives such as: clam shells, bouncers, porch and yard chairs to name but a few. They are typically found at motor lodges, tourist courts, poolsides, motels, backyards and lawns all around the United States, not forgetting over at Grandma’s place. With Art Deco styling and vibrant colours this furniture reflected the brightness and optimism of the Atomic era and the glory of roadside America.

Our initial introductory range is an almost exact representation of an Ed Warmack (Fort Smith, Arkansas) designed exclusive for the Sears, Roebuck & Company circa 1955. Until this point lawn furniture was sold at a local level via main street hardware stores … this was really the inaugural design to be marketed through one company and sold across the entire nation.

We refer to this as Thunderbird. We now carry some Parklane Patio Sets, some Bellaire Sets, Biscayne Sets, Bar Stool and Rocker Frames plus a few LIMITED EDITION styles in CAMO AND PATRIOTIC SCHEMES Check out our 'COOL MID-CENTURY RETRO AMERICAN METAL FURNITURE' Page.

This timeless style lends itself to a contemporary, minimalist environment, as well as period, retro or vintage settings, adding much needed colour and flair to the world of garden furniture. Now made to a higher specification than back in the day, being half a kilo heavier in weight and benefitting from advances in powder coat techniques, also practical adjustments to the cantilever construction, it really is All New All Over Again.

We are also an OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR OF KIT-CAT CLOCKS in the UK on behalf of The California Clock Co and we stock an extensive range of Yard Decor, Pin-Up PARASOLS, Signs, Flamingos and Licensed Accessories .... Welcome to SwingOramic.