Camouflage (Realtree) 'Bellaire' Lawn/Patio Chair


Introducing the 'Camo' Lawn Chair on the 'Bellaire' platform.

This style of chair was conceived in 1946 again by Ed Warmack but it is hailed as probably the most common style and has been in production via several manufacturers since '46 right through to 2017 ... there are several very similar styles the William Brothers, Flanders Industries, Alvin Shott conceived to mention a few, several claim the fame to this typical style but interpretation can sometimes be difficult when looking back over the old designs.

This chair has been specially prepared in an 'Realtree Camouflage ' style, sporting classic outdoor print with a dark brown tubed frame.

However its is now 'close out' and I'd have to describe the paint finish as a 'Second' some blemishes etc, this print however prepared is unfortunately subject to colourfastness and if left out in direct sunlight the camouflage print is prone to turn pinkish in a few months (this may well be too some folks taste and there is a RealTree option in pink). To prevent this the chairs would look great indoors too and out of UV rays or a more shady area, workshop, garage, man cave, sporting goods store, on a porch or under an awning. The '10 foot' view and presentation is very effective.

These are limited and will not be repeated so grab them will you can.


Frames are still 10 gauge rolled tubular style with 20 gauge cold rolled metal seat and back, hardware is ALL WEATHER and powder coating is still to our usual exterior high grade quality. Only the camouflage print is subject to UV fade.

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