Porch Rockin' Chair (Metal)


Welcome to our Porch Rockin' Chair.

Porch Rockers or Plantation Rockers were generally made of timber and the foot print was larger and within the constraints of wood, there is a far greater potential to add a considerable amount of 'rock' ... metal tubular rockers from the mid-century never had that much rock built into them, there is just a little, enough to satisfy for sure.

The tube frame sits directly on the ground and has no other protection than its powder coat finish, therefore we recommend they are used on a porch, decking, a good out door rug, rubber matting, astro turf or of course a genuine lawn. Otherwise, the powder coat will soon be compromised and weathering will set in quickly.

These frames will work with Thunderbird & Bellaire Pan Sets (Seat & Back) so we can currently offer this in the following colours shown. This frame does not work with the Parklane Style or Biscayne.

These frames are priced per ONE COMPLETE SINGLE ROCKIN' CHAIR so includes your choice of Pan Set  (Seat & Back) from the selection below.

NB Regrettably our current library images show the Bellaire style in yellow of which we have NO stock at the moment. (Picture is for reference ONLY).

Originally designed about 1946 by the late Ed Warmack of Fort Smith, Arkansas. These Art Deco inspired stamped steel chairs were purchased by the tens of thousands during the booming years of the Post-War Atomic Era. Ed's colorful steel lawn furniture could be found on porches, in backyards, fronts of motels and around pools all across America. Their popularity extends today!

* Extra strong frames made from 1 1/16" diameter 15 gauge steel 
* Seat and Backs stamped from 20 gauge cold rolled sheet steel
* Weight rating 275 lbs
* Fully rolled inside edges
* Stainless steel fasteners
* UV resistant, high gloss powder coat
* Original size and dimensions
* Assembly tools provided - Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy
* Made of Steel

 Shipping Per Single Unit Boxed Via MyHermes.

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