Paper Parasol Tattooed Lady


Step right up to the new and improved Shocking Tattooed Lady and her traveling curiosities. Inspired by vintage sideshow banners; ideal for someone sleeved with ink or someone who adores the magical and mesmerizing retro art of the sideshow classics.

Paper Parasol measures 33" diameter w/ a 22.5" bamboo handle. Beautiful, hand-crafted worksmanship.

Original. Artful. Knock'em Dead Gorgeous! We're talking about you and your new parasol. They're the perfect accessory for strutting your stuff in the city, a hot rod car show, the beach, a garden soiree, concert, burlesque performance, whatever-wherever. No ho-hum-standard-fair of cherry blossoms and dragons designs here. Instead we offer up some spicier, custom-made, bright and bold options just for you. It's fun to get the attention you deserve while protecting your precious skin from the evil rays of the sun! They also make for stylish décor for any special space of your choice.

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