Pink Flamingo (Metal)


Our Pink Flamingo, gracefully shows off her wings, all metal Flamingo with nice shading, colours and detailed beak. The photo with our green patio chair will give you some idea of the scale ... the metal legs are removable for shipping and storage purposes. We recommend if keeping these beauties outside that you anchor the feet with tent pegs or similar. Also worth noting, prolonged exterior use will rapidly create a more weathered look (patina maybe your style). Very gentle persuasion will allow for some minor plumage adjustments with wings and tail feathers but one must be very careful. Legs are reddish in colour, tubular and fit to the underside of the body.

An awesome accessory for your lawn, back yard, patio, BBQ area, balcony, porch etc. ... really looks great with our furniture to complete the look, but also works very well as an ornament to keep inside.

We suggest care should be taken and this ornament kept away from young children and pets.

Weight is (unpacked) 0.5kg Measurements (approx) 70cm Tall by 40cm Wide


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