Setting Up at High Noon House Interiors, Erpingham, Norfolk August 6, 2015 18:08

HIGH NOON HOUSE INTERIORS - Pine and Period Furniture! On the A140 at Colby Junction!

Hey Everyone!

Set up at High Noon today .... great spread and a lovely couple who restore all types of interior/exterior furniture, provide a service for restoration and mastermind some great retro, shabby chic and real deal antique pieces. All are available to view in two great showrooms, with more planned - so please get along and check these great folks out ... and you'll get the chance to see our products in great surroundings.

Amanda at High Noon is always happy to help so please don't hesitate to get along ... you can even have a chat with the parrots - they can out chant a football stadium, even wolf whistle with the occasional 'Hallo!" :))

So, you can see the Metal Thunderbird Double Glider (EXCLUSIVELY) here at HIGH NOON plus all three Metal Thunderbird Lawn Chairs, Coral, Red and Seafoam Green plus the white Square Side Table.

Please enjoy a few pictures of this great spread ... and look out for more information on HIGH NOON HOUSE and Glory Days on my Facebook Page!


PS you can also visit the world famous DROOPY CANDLE Chandelier - a High Noon Exclusive :))


Y'all Have a Great Day!

Setting up - Showcase and Stock in Glory Days, Hoppers Yard, Holt! August 6, 2015 17:38

Hey Y'all as promised, were back with another episode of our blog.

We have set up a mini showcase and some stock for sale with Ruth and her great shop 'GLORY DAYS' at Hoppers Yard in Holt. Norfolk.

Metal Thunderbird Lawn Chairs in all colours are there for sale plus the Square Side Table in white and a great opportunity to see, touch, sit and engage with some of our range in the flesh!

Glory Days product range is diverse, kitsch, dapper, colourful and loaded with retro cool - so you get the chance to get down and see the products I am sure you will be more than tempted by pink flamingos, beautifully restored 50/60's kitchen units, cool lights, flasks, cocktail and lounge wares ... lanterns, lights, bedspreads, soft furnishings, kids cool and loads more  ... so please when your next in Holt come over and check it all out, you will not be disappointed and all the inventory sets off so well with our chairs ... very pleased!


Enjoy some photos!

Busy Busy Last Few Days! (Heydon Vintage Fair) August 6, 2015 17:12

Howdy Folks!

Sorry for my poor showing of 'zero' blog posts recently ... but I sure hope to be making up for it! 

Been pretty busy working on showcasing the product .... First outing was Sunday just gone, at 'The Little Vintage Lovers Fair' held once a year in a real cool little village called Heydon in Norfolk.

We were in Hertfordshire over the weekend visiting family ... so it was a 05.30 start with a quick coffee and then on the road back to Swingoramic HQ. A quick (not so quick) load of the truck and then a few miles down the road a piece and arrive at Heydon. A great big thank you goes out to 'Wake Up Little Susie' for sparing me a little prime real estate on her stall ... so brief set up and ready to roll for 09.30. Fair was scheduled to start at 10am but there were plenty of eager punters stalking the awesome display of vintage and retro wares ... both inside the village hall and around the grounds. Really fun little fair that just gets busier and busier year on year ... vintage hair and make up via 'The Cowgirls Powder Room' - a great tea and cakes stall with everything served in green Beryl Woodsware and great coffees served from a Morris Station Wagon ... you couldn't ask for more?

I brought two Thunderbird Metal Lawn Chairs (Red & Seafoam Green) they were received very well and certainly lived up to their name as 'conversation pieces'. Loads of flyers grabbed and chatted in depth with some great folk, some local and a few on vacation, including a lovely couple Fraiser and Alison from Scotland. They head up the Pre - '67 Ford Owners Club and they loved the chairs, taking several extra flyers to circulate around their annual Custom Car and Rat Rod Show they organise ... thank you, thank you!

Overall it was a great day, and enjoyed networking around, meeting fellow business and plenty of great folk!


1950's Style Fold Away Chairs and the Tallboy Cooler July 7, 2015 16:27

Howdy Doody Folks

Over this really pleasant warm weather we've managed to put together a few images of our fold away chairs and the Tallboy cooler ... please take a look. 

Independence Day Weekend July 7, 2015 16:13

Here at swingOramic ... we celebrated America's birthday ... with BBQ and beers ... it was a hot hot day for Norfolk I did catch the mercury at 88F but I think it was way hotter than that ... Sunday .... I had planned to hand out flyers but unfortunately they hadn't materialised from the printers so we decided to support our friend Peter who was running a Ford V6 Super Rod no. 007 stock car at Swaffham Raceway ... his first heat was a 3rd place after leading a few laps from the pole ... somehow the lap scoring was messed up and he had to argue his case with the 'officials' after the parade lap in order to receive his trophy from the wrongly awarded driver of the No 57 car ... Heat 2 and Peter finished in second spot ... looking forward to the final race ... with the track totally dry (after some serious morning rain) everything was angling towards the win ... no such luck ... back on the pole Peter led the first lap, then dropped to second but regained the lead on the next straightaway ... holding off a hard charge from the the No. 12 car he finally had to give up the lead on course for another second place finish with only a couple of laps to go he was hit hard on turn 3 and ended up in the infield wedged between the tractor tyres ... by no other than the No. 57 car?!

I gather the day ended without handbags ... however was a great day out!


Vulcan XH558 July 7, 2015 15:45

The last flight of the Vulcan took place at Horsham St Faith on the Sunday following the Prom Night... part of a short tour around the country, the only flying Vulcan took part in visiting all grounded or museum based Vulcans around the country ... typically my iPhone was uncooperative for the two passes at Norwich airport over a three minute duration and I only really captured this poor photograph ... I also witnessed a flypast by a P-51 Mustang which gracefully flew low past the control tower ... it had been making several passes several miles off and was I guess encouraged to flyby to pacify what was a very impressive turn out of folk to see the Vulcans last flight.



Prom Night July 7, 2015 15:18

On Saturday 27th June we had a prom night for our friends daughter (Imogen) and boyfriend (Roberto) at Hoveton Hall, near Wroxham, Norfolk. The evening entailed a 5.30pm meet for photographs followed by a forty minute drive to the Hall on a lovely Summer evening. Bizarrely, we arrived in pole position and poor Imogen was a little to embarrassed to be the first couple to pull up at the main reception area .... therefore she requested I did some manoeuvres in order to find ourselves in a less embarrassing position of third in the precession of interesting and varied vehicles in attendance. A large crowd of parents, friends well wishers etc had gathered around the main door with plenty of paparazzi so ... it really was a red carpet delivery ... all went well and my job was done .. yes well not quite ... the only road in to the hall was also the only road out ... so a couple of hours parked up, ensued.

Here I met several, car owners and some very interesting rides, including an un-restored 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II Safari Wagon, a 3 window '58 Vauxhall Cresta and a '57 Chevrolet Sport Coupe to mention a few ... along the line of cars we saw Bubble Cars, John Deere Tractors, a Aston DB5, forklift trucks, a Kenworth Semi (Big Rig) ... a vintage Merry Weather 100 Fire Truck ... several split screen VW campers ... Mk 1 Zephyr Six, a Mustang Fastback, Triumph Stag Roadster ... it certainly was an interesting line up.

Some pictures follow ... I gather the evening was a total success and we were very glad to help out.

Flyer Front Cover June 25, 2015 12:34

Happy Trails Folks!

Got our first flyer off to the printers today ... quite happy with the results ... Should be posting a few a shows and vintage fairs in around one weeks time. Our Social Media presence is coming along slowly we hope to have a little more information and pictures up as soon as possible.

Prepping for what appears to be a heavy weekend of prom nights this weekend ... very dirty white wall tyres need attention :)

 A Thetford forest walk on Sunday, followed by a Vulcan flypast at Horsham St Faiths too ... fingers crossed we keep some blue skies?

Until next time ... 




Green (Seafoam) Thunderbird Lawn Chair - First Build! June 23, 2015 20:35


Welcome back - I have been busy working on a new flyer for local business, vintage fairs and cars shows locally but my stock images were failing to cut the mustard. This gave me the opportunity to make up a Thunderbird Lawn Chair to re-photograph trying to get angles and lighting correct to work nicely in photoshop. This led me to running around taking photos from various angles with various back drops ,,, wishing a pop-up blue screen studio would just appear by magic :) I include one of these images on the blog.

The last time I actually, held, touched and sat on one of these chairs was in late January, whilst visiting Jefferson, Texas. The build was straight forward but I took care to assemble gently in my living room on the carpet, (avoiding any unnecessary scratches) and being careful not to over tighten the fixings. I had forgotten what a good size they are and was super impressed with colour and build quality - protection and packaging was excellent too ... they are super comfortable and really do look amazing!

Seafoam Green is an exact colour match from the Dr.Pepper vending machines found all across the US in the 1940/1950's ... gotta say we love this colour and hope you all do too.



Product Arrival June 15, 2015 12:11

Delivery Day .... and yes it wasn't raining ... hottest day of the year so far added to the fun ... but were even more excited to have inventory to go with the site ... and we do hope to offer new pictures, backdrops and colour references soon. As we head in to a new week the sun is back with us, lets hope that it lasts through to the weekend ... thanks for dropping by!

Welcome to swingOramic’s New Website & 1st Blog Post June 8, 2015 11:28

Hey Everyone! Here at swingOramic we’re very excited the website is going live and everything is coming together nicely. We thought we would introduce y’all to a little history on the lawn chair and glider … as we have mentioned on our homepage our introductory range dates back to 1955 and was designed by the late Ed Warmack and distributed across the US by Sears, Roebuck & Co. Please see a scan of an original advert below … listed as a”’2 passenger’ ball bearing glider” and named Sun-Tan Lawn Furniture … I just wish that I could offer out this dollar price point :) Well we hope you enjoy the blog and future posts … thanks for dropping by!