Green (Seafoam) Thunderbird Lawn Chair - First Build! June 23, 2015 20:35


Welcome back - I have been busy working on a new flyer for local business, vintage fairs and cars shows locally but my stock images were failing to cut the mustard. This gave me the opportunity to make up a Thunderbird Lawn Chair to re-photograph trying to get angles and lighting correct to work nicely in photoshop. This led me to running around taking photos from various angles with various back drops ,,, wishing a pop-up blue screen studio would just appear by magic :) I include one of these images on the blog.

The last time I actually, held, touched and sat on one of these chairs was in late January, whilst visiting Jefferson, Texas. The build was straight forward but I took care to assemble gently in my living room on the carpet, (avoiding any unnecessary scratches) and being careful not to over tighten the fixings. I had forgotten what a good size they are and was super impressed with colour and build quality - protection and packaging was excellent too ... they are super comfortable and really do look amazing!

Seafoam Green is an exact colour match from the Dr.Pepper vending machines found all across the US in the 1940/1950's ... gotta say we love this colour and hope you all do too.