Hey Folks .... Welcome ALL to another Health & Happiness Show July 19, 2017 15:36 1 Comment

Hope Y'all keeping well and were not too adversely effected by last nights storms?

Wimbledon is done (hopefully) that means the end of the rainy season and we can really get our Summer kicked off ... 

I would like just to start by again thanking everyone for their tremendous support last week for 'The Big Reveal' on ITV's Love Your Garden ... so many shares and good wishes etc, very very appreciated, thank you! Not so many thanks to our 'freeze frame' buddies Andy and Emily in Stevenage for their posts of our milli-second appearance on the show ... ha ha!


We just cannot say it enough but this lovely Lady 'Rebecca' AKA Girl In A Whirl ...

not only tattoo's in her shop Madame Butterfly's in Hastings she is the one stop shop for bespoke 40/50's dresses, tourist jackets, skirts, ultra cool mens "Pin-Up" ties, and so much more, ALL handmade to order ... please look her up and follow her on Facebook & Instagram. She has the most amazing home and garden ... it's literally a corner of 'Palm Springs' in Hastings and she loves her Swingoramic Coral Patio/Lawn Set so much that she just lets everyone know and the world too :) Thank you Rebecca your a STAR! xx

This is very belated but I also wanted to say a huge thank you to 'Debbie' Debbie's Vintage World (can be found in Crews Hill Vintage Emporium, Enfield) or in an Airstream around the country at most of the shows and festivals selling awesome American vintage shoes, clothes and accessories for thinking of me and sending us this great mens evening scarf with my name embroidered to it. Thanks Debbie! xx Get along and see her either at Crews Hill or she will be with Anna serving up great vintage at Retro Festival and Atomic coming up soon.


And now this: 

We were contacted by Rebecca form ITV's Love Your Garden on a Friday and asked about taking part in the show ... there wasn't much down time and once we had completed the formalities we made up a set of furniture and took off in the direction of Southampton (Chandlers Ford) very early on the Wednesday morning in order to miss the M25 commute, once we had parked up and introduced ourselves it was a question of trying to stay dry and mud free .... our show case however looked fantastic and we hope the family loved their new backyard and accessories. We were briefly filmed unloading the van and walking furniture to the location for probably around 20 minutes but after the edit room had finished our patio furniture was well exposed and the rest is history ha ha 

At the reveal at least the awful weather decided to cooperate and the after garden party was dry with a little evening sunshine ... we literally had to wait for the patio grout to cure off, it was that close a call.

Onto other news 

New Lines & Stock

Kit-Cat Clocks are on order, we have the 3/4 size black Kitty-Cat returning and some new colours in the Lady & Gentleman Clocks ... so please look out for those arriving soon.

Literally as I am writing we have just received some traditional American made Pink Flamingo's featuring (bubble gum) pink colours, in pairs (one looking up and one looking down) with two wire legs and googly eyes. These are UV rated and should survive the vigour of our weather without colour fade (an issue I have noticed with our previous flamingos sourced from China) I will post more details on this, shortly ... but keep a vigil (we don't have many pairs). 

On the subject of Flamingos we have launched a smaller one legged plastic version and two quite fantastic new metal flamingos .... watch out Flamingo Friday, here we come!


Here is the USA made patio Flamingo Set ....

Please see the website for our other great new Flamingos.

Got a few limited edition 'new Tee-Shirts to also look out for including GM Chevrolet (with a Camo Bowtie), Ricky Bobby (from Talladega Nights), Bob's Big Boy Diner & Gas Monkey Garage Unisex Vests ... be on IG and Facebook shortly! (Thank you Lizzie_Bear for modelling xx) 

We also have a few limited number items some really cute Cactus Make-Up Bags and this very cool LaDeeDa Doll .... if you love Water Melons this is your gal  she is £25 plus P&P and will not be on the website so please contact us directly and we can arrange PayPal :)

More more more to come ... we have super awesome Cactus Door Stops and I also have the iconic great American Farm Windmill ... an 8ft version so please also look out for these items all available this week.

Please send us your pictures of product in situ - we love to see how creative all our customers are and leave us a review on Google or Facebook if you have time, its greatly appreciated.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and a fantastic weekend whatever you have planned .... will be aiming for Wensum Valley "Lazy Sunday' car meet at Lenwade ... if anyone we know is reading this see you there ... "If the good Lord's willing and the creeks don't rise" of course.

Catch y'all very soon folks!


Ed (Swingoramic.com)