Overdue! November 24, 2017 15:36

More like 'Overboard' ... ha ha, apologies, the blogging has been flatlining over the past months ... I NEED TO DO BETTER!

Howdy Guys & Dolls

Before I get going on any kind of seriously overdue catch up .... (going to leave this to another blog) ... just a few details on current news:

As I am sure you are all aware, after (US Thanksgiving) comes Black Friday & Cyber Monday, a pre-Christmas sales drive that seems to have been fully imported without the Turkey trimmings ... we have a few deals for that, this weekend, which are below, just in case you've missed them.



Hope y'all find yourselves some bargains and get a good few items ticked off the Ole Christmas List ... have a great weekend (seriously I am going to press right away with the actual catch up blog) :)




Mr Ed