Howdy Y'all .... May 19, 2017 13:19

Welcome everyone to our (very overdue) Health & Happiness Show :)

Well, Summer is nearly upon us (really) Im not convinced this week at all, bring on the rays please!

So I won't dwell too long on the fact that I have failed to blog for an eternity (my apologies) I have certainly been smacked and am staying smacked!

This week we have been helping out on the 'Love Your Garden' Show on ITV with Alan Titchmarsh ....other than to say (for now) those guys do a fabulous job, often under extreme conditions, time constraints and all the adversity that comes hand in hand with a re-vamp reality show. However it is for a great cause and must have a tremendously positive impact on an individual and their family. It certainly was an honour to take part and contribute ... great to meet everyone on location! More on this story to follow ....

On a little catch up, we managed to spend a little time in Sweden with family and I ran away to America more recently to mask a certain birthday I won't mention ha ha ... 


We are very happy to announce that will will be trading at Retro Festival again this year, Newark in June and again at Newbury in August. Also we shall be at the Joy Festival in Royal Tunbridge Wells this year too ... (more on all of these events to follow shortly).


We have the Bettie Mermaid now back in stock, we've added Pontiac to our list of awesome GM & Ford parasols.

All the above and more news and exploits I will discuss in more detail in subsequent blogs .... however as always a big thank you to ALL our customers, friends and neighbours!

I will leave you for now .... just giving you a chance to catch your breath as you must be a little light headed (seeing a Swingoramic blog) :) ... 

Have a great weekend and please stay safe and dry!

Mr Ed