Independence Day Weekend July 7, 2015 16:13

Here at swingOramic ... we celebrated America's birthday ... with BBQ and beers ... it was a hot hot day for Norfolk I did catch the mercury at 88F but I think it was way hotter than that ... Sunday .... I had planned to hand out flyers but unfortunately they hadn't materialised from the printers so we decided to support our friend Peter who was running a Ford V6 Super Rod no. 007 stock car at Swaffham Raceway ... his first heat was a 3rd place after leading a few laps from the pole ... somehow the lap scoring was messed up and he had to argue his case with the 'officials' after the parade lap in order to receive his trophy from the wrongly awarded driver of the No 57 car ... Heat 2 and Peter finished in second spot ... looking forward to the final race ... with the track totally dry (after some serious morning rain) everything was angling towards the win ... no such luck ... back on the pole Peter led the first lap, then dropped to second but regained the lead on the next straightaway ... holding off a hard charge from the the No. 12 car he finally had to give up the lead on course for another second place finish with only a couple of laps to go he was hit hard on turn 3 and ended up in the infield wedged between the tractor tyres ... by no other than the No. 57 car?!

I gather the day ended without handbags ... however was a great day out!