NSRA Supernationals @ Old Warden Park - Biggleswade August 10, 2015 12:28

Sunday .... morning at 7am we took off in the Plymouth, a little worse for wear after Sally and Tom's wedding reception Saturday night :)

A good run down ... nice and quiet but the mercury was rising .... 

Into the show ground and in-line for entry, it was going to be a hot one .... this suffering '55 Chevy (behind the '60 Ford) had  already rolled out to cool off!

Beautiful grounds around the house .... filled to capacity with muscle ... I believe to be the biggest show here to date.

Lovely green Dodge Challenger .... but this was only a small section of the Sunday Show and Shine area, cars were still rolling in at 1pm and of course all the full weekend guys were in other areas.

My favourite and show winner for me was this 40/41 Chevy .... Jeepers Creepers Van ... awesome!

Took a good while to get around and see all the show cars .... and then check out all the stalls ... we got a nice period (weave style hand bag that looks like Captain America's shield) A US Road sign and few needed sundries. After a self catered lunch we managed to get out early ... around 3pm for a far busier three hour run home!

Following out a great Chevy Biscayne!