Halloween, fog and recent news! November 2, 2015 14:10

Hey Everyone .... 

Sure hope y'all had a great Halloween and are enjoying the falling autumn leaves, colourful landscapes and the crazy fogs .... not so great for the Monday morning commute.

The clocks have gone back and it sure takes some getting used to those dark early evenings .... 

We got out to see Simon and Susie in Norwich at their fantastic exhibition 'Hammer AD1972' care of ARTBEAT64 ... at St Michael's Church on St Benedicts ... it really was awesome and a great back drop, setting off Simon's epic B'Movie artwork and tribute to the great Hammer film 'poster' era. I sure hope you got the chance to check this out in person, if not I include some pictures and do go to www.artbeat64.com (or on FB and eBay) ... Susie dressed the church in a befitting Halloween theme and it really looked the part ... I'm only sorry we didn't get to their after show party which looked a real blast!

Hammer AD 1972 (Please see all my pictures on Facebook)


Other news .... I have some great small four inch cubed mini lawn chairs on there way ... four pastel colours and are rigged as Christmas ornaments ... will look great on your Christmas tree this year ... I will post more information shortly.

We have opened an Etsy Shop now ... please check that out if you get the chance www.etsy.com/shop/swingoramic ,,,, there are some new off season prices for the fold away chairs and cooler boxes ... and the Summer Tribute Set continues.

Halloween ... was great ... some pictures included .... I was gifted the new Savage Hornets CD so looking forward to giving that a blast!

Now, we turn our attention to Remembrance weekend .... and saluting our veterans and those that made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and liberty we enjoy today.

Back with you soon .... as we begin the run in to Christmas (Arrrgghhh) :)