More news, crazy winds and Carlos. November 25, 2015 11:35

Hey Folks

We all sure hope you kept safe in those crazy winds (Barney caused chaos around our home) and then we finally were treated to some freezing temperatures .... well on a brighter and warmer note we have a few new stock lines which we hope will put a smile on your faces. Pictures and prices etc to appear on the website shortly. With just a few weeks to go until Christmas we turn our attention to lights, decorations, presents etc and of course for those of you who celebrate, Thanksgiving tomorrow and Black Friday, to see out November.

Here is a sneak peak ....

Micro metal yard chairs, 4", cantilever frames, clamshell styling, four

colours ... great for the Christmas Tree, desktop etc

We got the chance to go and see friends, relatives and dear old neighbours last weekend ... great to see Andy and Emily and their new home ....spend a little time with Jess at Rosita Lollipop in Hitchin (thank you so much for the oil cloth) of course Carlos and the Bandidos were playing at the Times Club, Stevenage. After catching up with a good few folks we hadn't seen for years, consuming way too much Old No.7 and digging the great sounds of Carlos ... we felt a little worse for wear ... despite that Mama jumped up on stage and took over the Maracas for a song ... (in my case I soon realised I wasn't the only one suffering ha ha) - great night, good to see and catch up with Roger, Mark Martin, Aaron, Hannah, Carlos and Lisa, Sonia, Debbie and everyone I've missed, thanks for the drinks guys.

Sunday was the case of ... mmm not having been hung over for a while, a day of suffering, however made better by an awesome roast, a sofa, loads of tea - thank you Cheryl and James, plus little cute Tilly for keeping me on my toes.

I will post more news on our new stock very shortly ... hope y'all enjoy the rest of the week, happy hump day.