Exciting new arrivals for 2016 January 18, 2016 16:42

Howdy Friends and Neighbours 

We sure hope you are getting through our cold snap safely and also finding yourself back into the usual routine after the holidays.

We predict that January's resolutions are still fairing well, gym, diets, quitting those bad habits, watching the purse strings and facing up to the dreaded credit card bills .... must admit at Swingoramic we are a little late starting but one must be committed to the cause and clear of all those little temptations still to be found in the kitchen etc. Oh, it can be a miserable time of the year ... but we are determined to keep up the cheer and let you know about a few new lines we have on our way .... before I do ... just a quick mention on our last blog regarding New Years Day ... Bears Grill ... despite being quite chilly there was a great turnout ... plenty of trucks including Kelly's Heroes (who incidentally I came across yesterday having mad fun with their trucks in an icy Norwich car park - say no more) ... Rats, Classics, European, Military and even a London Bus were all in attendance and a great time had by all.

Now to more serious matters .... new lines .... we procured some limited edition (since 1932) Kit-Cat clocks ... first invented during the heart of the great depression ... with his (and hers) signature wagging tail, rolling eyes and contagious smile. Co-ordinated to go with our current chairs we have green, red and pink, soon available, in the classic 15.5" size. (Green and Red are Gentlemen Cats our Pink is a Lady Kit-Cat).

Hunter Green Kit-Cat

Burgundy Kit-Cat


Strawberry Lady Kit-Cat


For those of you more traditional we have the smaller black Kitty-Cats at 12.75" on their way too.


We also have some great summer (paper) parasols on their way:

GM, Chevrolet, Corvette and Cadillac plus Ford and V8

Also we have some great metal signs to for the garage or home ... Bettie Page, Mars Attacks and several others.

Please check in for more information ... I am hoping they will be on the website in 4-5 weeks.

Well, that's all from us folks, keep warm and safe ... back shortly :)