Latest news, the website and busy busy! February 16, 2016 19:25

Howdy Everyone ...

So far we have been rather spoilt with an ultra mild winter ... however I may have to eat humble pie as it has been on the frozen side the last few days ... hopefully we will have plenty of winter warmers (to keep your spirits up). In fact this morning, I nearly did the 'mid air' Icky Shuffle whilst skating on black ice ... that was just to get to the car ... I was close to needing both hands to prize open the doors and then to top that, the ice was so hard and bonded my scraper protested "do I have too" and I ended up needing at least half a bottle of de-icer. 10 miles up the road came the fog and I still had not got a clear windshield .... took virtually 20 miles until I was driving a thawed out car. :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends, followers, customers, for your continued support and shares etc. ... your very kind and all that effort is greatly appreciated. Welcome to our new followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Lately, we have been busy trying to procure some new lines and the evidence of that is filtering through to the website. Our Kit-Cat and Kitty-Cat Clocks have been very well received ... we have an interesting collection of metal signs and wall decor, some great quality plasma cut Bettie Page Hot Rod and Mermaid ones too - please check them out.

For anyone interested in mini American Lawn Furniture from the 1930's -1990's we have a cute set of four, micro chairs at £12 for the set, great art deco clam shell styling. Fun for the desktop, sideboards, the Christmas tree in fact anywhere around the home or office ... if anyone noticed the squirrel on a yard chair, munching a corncob, (mounted to a tree trunk), I posted ... ours, are a little smaller but would even be great for mice or (men) hamsters ha ha

We also have some 'Detroit Chrome' necklaces featuring officially licensed retro Ford and GM logos.

Ladies, I have some compacts in the Detroit Chrome range, V8 and Pontiac Logo's in deep flake, unfortunately they have suffered very slight abrasion in transport and will be marked down, well below RRP so keep an eye out and grab a bargain.

Great news is, we hope to be setting up a show case down in Suffolk with 'Happy Days Retro Vacations" an awesome RV park ... please stay tuned for more posts .... those guys have a really great spread ... please go and find them on Facebook .... their getting real busy, so if your planning a retro getaway or trailer park wedding get on that phone ASAP.

Looking forward, we have some great metal flamingos on their way from the USA and plenty more, so we shall keep you to speed, that's a promise.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day by the way?

We managed to get down to see the Cadillac Three at The Riverside, Norwich, what an awesome gig that was ... Country Fuzz is their genre, slick slide guitar, bluesy country with a good twang of the old Kings of Leon ... well worth a listen if that sounds like your thing. Half of us got to see Fun Loving Criminals on their 20 years since the first album tour ... at UEA, I gather that was a blast too. 

Valentines Day consisted of Wensum Valley Restorations ... Bears Grill car meet at Lenwade, followed by a nice Sunday Roast.

Next weekend ... family and friends to see in Hertfordshire, with a combined 50th / 60th family birthday bash in London Town (and it's a night off from driving).

Keep safe in the icy conditions and will be back with more news and 'jibber jabber' shortly.