Artwork, new lines etc. February 23, 2016 14:36

Heya Folks ....

Hope all is well and this week is treating you all kindly. Looks like several folk we know were having fun at the weekender in Hemsby ... ?? Norfolk Soul Club, 60's Soul & Mod Weekender .... We had London commitments and went the other direction, for an Aunty's 50th and a Step Mothers 60th combined ... was quite a do, the free bar did run dry quite early but our lift that night were running a 10k race in Stratford the following morning, so we were not out that late.

Hope you have had a chance to check out some of our new lines on the website? ... This week so far has been an eye boggle into the deepest realms of photoshop ... trying to put together some refreshed flyers for Spring, logo's for Easter, new offers etc. Perhaps many of you haven't seen but we do have an Etsy Store, this however we are going to change. No new lines or any website media will feature, this will now become 'Swingoramic Vintage & Collector' all items will be vintage wares or limited edition collector items and as soon stock has been refreshed we shall let you know.

We shall be at the Unicorn, Aylsham this Friday 26th to see the Hal Wrayzer Combo ... it's free entry and kicks off at 8pm ... if anyone was after anything off the site and perhaps wanted to save on shipping, please let me know ... we accept Paypal and I can bring any small items up to the Unicorn. (Please email: or use Facebook).

Well, we hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend ... perhaps we might catch up with some of you in Aylsham on Friday night?